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1. Extra Motion Detector for the Mace Wireless Home Security System
2. Scotchgard Diversion Safe
3. 2 in 1 Personal / Door Alarm
4. 125db door stop alarm
5. Autodialer Security and Safety Alarm

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Where you can securely buy the best personal security devices, self defense products and surveillance systems a good prices

With crime rates going up by the minute, it necessary, now more than ever, to protect your home and your valuables with our security products. Choose from wireless home security systems, camera systems, door alarms or diversion safes. Or simply combine many as you can never be too safe.

Our home security products will give you the peace of mind you deserve. Protect your family, yourself and your valuables where it matters most, HOME. Take a look around our Home and security products espacially the diversion safes; you'll be amazed by what you see.

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Mace Wireless Home Security Alarm System

Why spend hundreds of dollars on a security alarm system and pay monitoring fees when you can get the MACE WIRELESS HOME SECURITY SYSTEM for a fraction of the cost? This easy to operate wireless home security alarm system will sound an alarm and dial up to 5 preset phone numbers to let you know...

Price: $ 129.99

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125db door stop alarm

Use this 125db door stop alarm to block a door from being opened. If anyone tries to open the door, this 120db alarm will sound. Alarm shuts off when pressure is released from door stop plate. The alarm is pressure sensitive and also works as a door jam. The 125db door stop alarm uses one 9-volt...

Price: $ 11.99

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Autodialer Security and Safety Alarm

Often times crime happens when no one is around to notice and the crooks are long gone by the time anyone does. Now, you can protect your home or office with the AUTO DIALER SECURITY and SAFETY ALARM.

Price: $ 29.99

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Voice Alert, Home Monitoring System

Voice Alert System-6 is a new enunciator system featuring wireless PIR sensors transmitters and a remote receiver/speaker base unit. Users record their own alert messages and are then notified with their own voice message when activity in a monitored area is detected.

Price: $ 129.99

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Pool Protector Alarm System

The Pool Protector is an electronic monitoring system that automatically sounds an alarm when children or pets fall into your unsupervised pool. It's portable, self-contained and light weight. The unit is simple to operate. Entry into the pool will be detected by the Pool Protector's electronic...

Price: $ 129.99

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TeleSpy Intruder Alert

The TeleSpy is a clever and reliable combination of a telephone, a motion sensor, and a microphone. The TeleSpy is an ordinary telephone that doubles as a monitoring system. Simply enter any phone number you want the unit to call and turn the motion sensor switch to on. Should motion be detected...

Price: $ 59.99

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Four settings to choose from: Continual tranquil sounds of the rainforest, Alert sound of an angry and protective watchdog, Soothing rainforest sounds to alert you of a guest's arrival and Alert sounds of both the angry watchdog and a warning siren.

Price: $ 74.99

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30 Sep 2008
Cell Phone Stun Gun

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