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All About Gift Buying for Christmas

As we approach the final months of the year, there’s one thing that tends to be on everyone’s minds: Christmas. Christmas is that one time of the year where the family get together, enjoy great feasts, share gifts and make memories to last forever.

While the idea of Christmas is exciting, it doesn’t come completely stress free. With so many things happening on the day – guests arriving, meals to prepare, beds to make etc – it can easily become a tiring and stressful time for those in charge of organizing things.

The key to an enjoyable and worry free Christmas is all in the planning. It’s important to plan well in advance for Christmas, and not leave it til the month of December (where everywhere is busy and crowded with other stressed shoppers).

Christmas Guide

Saving for Christmas

Ideally, you’ll want to start saving for Christmas in January, rather than leave it right til the end of the year. Putting a little bit of money away each week into a designated Christmas bank account is much more achievable and realistic than having to save a large bulk of money in a short amount of time. This is especially important if you are planning to buy a rather large gift for the family – such as a private tennis court or bikes for everyone.

As well as saving money, you’ll want to budget by using a spreadsheet of some sort. Break down each of the different costs involved with Christmas, including:

Once you’ve broken down the different aspects of Christmas, you can then start breaking down costs further. When it comes to presents, list down everyone you need to buy for and a ‘present spending limit’ for each. Allocating a limit to each will help ensure you don’t blow the budget, and also keeps things fair (say, if you’re buying for a few different children).

Christmas Presents

Does present buying have to be expensive?

The short answer is no, it doesn’t have to be expensive! You don’t have to have a big budget for present buying to put a smile on someone’s face – as they have said for many years, it’s the thought that counts!

For any children, it’s a good idea to buy several cheaper presents, as oppose to one or two big ones – that’s because children tend to love opening the presents, so the more there is to open, the better! Buying more presents doesn’t mean you have to have a bigger budget – you can simply choose those inexpensive gifts from cheaper stores.

When it comes to buying for adults, the opposite method works best – as oppose to buying many different presents, it’s best to buy one or two more expensive presents. As everyone gets older, presents tend to become less and less, so with buying for adults, it’s best to spend a bit of money on something that you know they’ll enjoy.

For more tips and advice on buying presents for both adults and children, check out the rest of this Christmas Prezzie Guide.